08/13/2014 09:15 am ET Updated Aug 13, 2014

A Brittany Murphy Lifetime Movie Is Happening


Lifetime will debut "The Brittany Murphy Story," a biopic based on the late actress' life, on Sept. 6. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news about the first feature-length film about Murphy, who died at age 32. Amanda Fuller ("Last Man Standing") has been cast as Murphy and Sherilyn Fenn ("Ray Donovan") will play her mother, Sharon Murphy, who was not consulted for this movie and has not been involved with production.

According to THR, the two-hour made-for-TV movie will show Murphy's young life as a child actress, her tragic death and the immediate aftermath. Murphy died on Dec. 20, 2009, and though her cause of death was called into question, the coroner ruled she died from pneumonia and other causes. Her husband Simon Monjack died five months later of the same causes.

Murphy started her career by landing small television roles in the early '90s. She appeared on "Murphy Brown," "Drexell's Class," "Blossom," "Party Of Five" and "Sister, Sister" before landing her breakout role as Tai in "Clueless." From there, she went on to appear in dozens of films including "Drop Dead Gorgeous," "Girl, Interrupted," "Riding In Cars With Boys," "8 Mile" and "Uptown Girls."



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