08/13/2014 12:27 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2016

Actually, Kanye's Drone Fears May Be More Reasonable Than You Thought

Kanye West's distaste for the paparazzi has reach a new level. His latest concern? Paparazzi-operated drones.

During a deposition regarding the rapper's alleged attack on a photographer last summer, West voiced his concerns about dangerous drones harming his daughter, North.

"Is your daughter stalked by, like, drones?" West asked. "Are there drones flying where she's trying to learn how to swim at age 1? Wouldn't you like to just teach your daughter how to swim without a drone flying? What happens if a drone falls right next to her? Would it electrocute her? Could it fall and hit her if that paparazzi doesn’t understand how to remote control the drone over their house?"

Well, it turns out his fears may not be completely unfounded. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates that 7,500 small commercial unmanned aerial vehicles could be in use by 2018.

As creator of CNET’s “Technically Incorrect” Blog Chris Matyszczyk put it, the Grammy Award-winning artist, and other celebrities for that matter, “should be worried” about paparazzi drones.

“Of course celebrities have something extra to fear because of us ... who wish we knew everything about them and even what underwear they wear,” Matyszczyk said in an interview with HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski. “But also, he’s got a problem because it’s different with drones. You can’t actually punch a drone ... at least when he sees a paparazzi he can enjoin them in an altercation, but when there’s a drone flying overhead, what do you do?”

But Matyszczyk also added that dealing with drones may just come with the territory of being a rap superstar.

“I guess that’s the price, to some extent, people pay when they also want to attract publicity all the time and then they don’t like to see the other side of it,” he said.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about drones here.

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