08/13/2014 01:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Man Knocked Out After Standing Up For Women Being Catcalled

Police say a man was assaulted Saturday morning after standing up for a group of women getting catcalled.

The 39-year-old Texan, whose name as not been released, was walking in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square at about 2:45 a.m. when he noticed a car pull up alongside a group of women on the street, according to NBC Philadelphia. Investigators say the men inside the vehicle started harassing the women, and the Texan told them to cut it out.

"The male victim took offense to something that the guys were saying to the girls and said 'hey, watch what you're saying,'" Philadelphia Police Captain George Fuchs told NBC.

One of the men in the car allegedly responded to this request by getting out of the car and punching the man in the head. He fell to the ground and became unconscious after hitting his head on the pavement. He was hospitalized and is now in stable condition, but the suspects have not yet been caught.

Police are still looking for the vehicle, which is described as a black Nissan with Delaware tags. Anyone with information is asked to call the Philadelphia Police.

Incidents like this are a huge reason why women on the street tend to be too afraid to stand up for themselves — even when catcallers say patently disgusting things to them — and this is far from the first time verbal street harassment has turned violent.

Last September, a Florida man approached a 14-year-old and asked her for sex. When she refused, he allegedly ran over her multiple times with his SUV.

Months earlier, a 33-year-old woman in San Francisco was “propositioned” by a stranger, and when she rejected him, he slashed her in the face and stabbed her arm.

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