08/13/2014 01:23 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2014

Music Industry Considering Global Album Release Day To Cut Down On Piracy

Mara Elizabeth Ludwig/Getty Images

As reported by Billboard, the music industry is heavily considering instituting a global album release day, marking Friday as the official standard day across all countries. While it is speculated that this change will go into effect in July 2015, there is no proof yet of a definitive agreement within the industry.

The effort for a global street date was spurred by the industry's desire to cut down on piracy. As it currently stands, each country is permitted to pick their own release day. Since Australia switched their release day to Friday, releases in other countries -- Monday for the U.K., Tuesday for the U.S. -- have been greatly impacted by the widespread piracy.

While this streamlined release certainly seems for the best, Billboard notes that major artists will no longer be able to schedule "high-profile appearances" as their album's release in each country. Independent labels, meanwhile, prefer and a release day earlier in the week because "they feel it helps sell more CDs."

For much more on the potential change, please head to Billboard.



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