08/14/2014 12:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hamilton The Hipster Cat Has Been Sporting A Mustache Since Before It Was Cool

Somewhere, a skinny jean-wearing, Doc Martens-clad hipster is spending hours desperately maintaing his facial hair in front of the mirror. But our friend Hamilton the hipster cat has never had to try that hard to be stylish. He has been sporting a flawless mustache since birth.

And that makes him the coolest cat around, even though cool is so overrated nowadays.

Hamilton is a bona fide Internet star with nearly 100,000 Facebook likes, almost 550,000 Instagram followers and even a starring role in a Friskies music video.

But while many adore Hamilton for his fabulous feline facial hair, what not everyone knows is that he is a rescue kitty. The 2-year-old cat found his forever home thanks to the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV), back in 2012.

Hamilton is one seriously delightful mustached cat. Check him out!

He's cool no matter what he's doing.
He'll even sport a costume now and again, but only in an ironic way ...

He got that couch at a thrift store.

He prefers vinyl. It just sounds better that way.

Normally, cat toys a just a little too mainstream for Hamilton, but this time he made an exception.

Hamilton gets his art from this obscure little gallery in Brooklyn, you've never heard of it.

To keep up with this cool cat, follow him on Instagram or like his Facebook page.

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