08/15/2014 04:54 pm ET

Cat And Dog Become Temporary Allies Against A Common Enemy: The Red Dot

Even mortal foes like the cat and the dog can be brought together to combat a common enemy.

It all begins with this video, in which a cat and dog battling it out over control of the carpet-covered animal house. After all, it's highly sought after territory in the animal world. And after a long skirmish, it appeared the cat was triumphant, leaving the dog without a hangout space and cat/dog relations truly in shambles.

But then a new evil entered the picture, one that would force cat and dog to form a mutually beneficial alliance. That evil was the bright, elusive red dot, the mysterious being which leaves exhausted cats and dogs in its wake.

Though, the cat clearly exhibits a certain level of wisdom on the subject by not wasting as much energy as the dog in pursuit of the red dot.

DOG: I can get it, I can get it! Let me get my paws on it!
CAT: Don't be foolish! No one just "gets its paws on" the dot! Trust me, I know! That's what the dot wants you to think.



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