08/15/2014 09:58 am ET

'Mrs. Doubtfire' Daughter Mara Wilson Lost Her 'Favorite Teacher' In Robin Williams

Barry King via Getty Images

Lisa Jakub, the eldest of Robin Williams' "Mrs. Doubtfire" children, wrote a heartfelt note to her late movie dad on Monday night. Now the youngest of the movie's stars, Mara Wilson, has followed suit.

Like Jakub, Wilson is now retired from acting. Her role as Nattie in the 1993 comedy placed her, at age 6, under the tutelage of Williams and director Chris Columbus, and she became one of many young actors who shared screen time with the comedy legend.

Wilson, now 27, posted a "quick update" to her blog on Thursday, saying she'd turned down interviews because she isn't in the right frame of mind to discuss the news yet. Her post was brief, but Wilson described her emotions as "shocked, confused, angry, regretful, and above all, sad," and said she'll share her memories of Williams on the blog soon.

"While Robin and I had not talked in a few years, there is no question he had a great impact on my life," she wrote. "He was as warm and talented as everyone says, and a joy to be around. It’s as if my favorite teacher died."

Read Wilson's full post here.



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