08/17/2014 12:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cat + Tattoo = 'Cattoo' Purrfection

Those tattoos bearing your significant other's name aren't fooling us. It's time to put in ink your feelings for the one you really love most -- your kitty. These cat tattoos, better known as "cattoos," kind of have us saying "Meow-ouch," but we all know true love is pain.

"Hey you look familiar, you copycat!"

So this is what it looks like to treat your pet like royalty.

This is us before our morning coffees.

This cattoo is like a built-in body guard.

Who wore it better: this classy cat or Abe?


Just in case you were confused, this tattoo is of a cat.

Even Miley jumped on the kittywagon! Hey, getting a cattoo is probably one of her more tame moves.

That's probably not a pizza topping you're gonna find at Domino's.

"I'll whisper sweet nothings into your ear."

This cat is gray, and apparently also thinks it's Earl Grey.

How great is this Pusheen tat?

We're lovin' these tattoos that combine the best things in life -- food and felines!

That's one small step for cats, one giant pounce for kittykind!

This guy knows how to take his cat nap in style.

This cattoo might just be an outline, but you know that cat's got sass! Just because these cattoos aren't permanent, doesn't mean the love isn't real! "I am just TOO feline fine, aren't I?

Meow, a maritime masterpiece!

This life-like cattoo is making us crave some sweet sweet cuddle time.

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