08/19/2014 10:35 pm ET Updated Aug 20, 2014

Darren Wilson Support Movement Grows

As Ferguson, Missouri streets filled with community members protesting the death of Michael Brown, others began to rally around the officer who killed him.

Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown on August 9th, sparking allegations of racial profiling and excessive force. Wilson was placed on paid leave and has reportedly left Ferguson.

According to Yahoo, people across the country lit their porch lights blue to signify solidarity with Wilson. One activist claimed a Missouri Walmart sold out of blue light bulbs.

As HuffPost reported earlier, supporters of Wilson have been selling T-shirts to help raise money for his legal fund. Some locals gathered outside a local TV station on Sunday to protest what they felt is biased media coverage against the 6-year veteran of the St. Louis County police force.

"He was doing his job," one supporter told The Guardian. "And now because of public uproar in Ferguson, he is being victimized."

As CNN points out, the "Support Darren Wilson" Facebook page has over 29,000 likes and the "I Support Officer Wilson" page has over 33,000.

USA Today quotes one Facebook fan as saying:

"The death of Michael Brown is a tragic event. We all must deal with this in our own personal way. However, throughout this trying time, we must remember the men and women of law enforcement are neighbors, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. Law enforcement officers are a part of the very fabric of our communities we ask them to protect. In times like this, they, too, need to know that the community is behind the work they do for us and that we in the community appreciate all their countless hours of service."