08/19/2014 04:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

60-Year-Old Given Chance To Live Out His Dreams Completely Owns The Stage

The new music video for London-based producer Alex Metric's "Heart Weighs A Ton" starts out quietly, but it sure doesn't stay that way for long.

"The love of my life Robin passed away five years ago," 60-year-old Los Angeles resident Glenn Bruno says at the beginning of the clip, sitting on the edge of his bed. "I became very depressed, but three years ago, I dedicated myself to follow my dreams of being a performer or dancer. And that's why I do it. I dance for Robin."

In the video, Bruno gets ready for work. He puts on a white undershirt and socks. His life is filled with reminders of his late wife: a keychain by the bookshelf bears her name, and old photographs paper the apartment.

And then just as the music builds, his own tempo switches. He's no longer Glenn Bruno, Los Angeles resident and widower. He's now Glenn Bruno, a man in love, a man dancing for his wife.

One of the film's directors told BuzzFeed he met Bruno after he answered a casting call for a different video idea. After meeting with the widower and hearing his story, they decided to change direction.

And we're sure glad they did.

The joy Bruno exudes as he gives he gives his all, twisting and turning in the bedroom newly christened as a dance floor, is absolute and intoxicating. It's a celebration of life, love and good memories.

It's the joy of a man who has finally realized his biggest dream six decades years in. He's added another title to his name. He's Glenn Bruno, dancer.

The songs lyrics promise to "make you believe," and we do. We really do.

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