We Just Wish This Selfie-Free Zone Existed IRL

Selfie culture has gotten out of control. The personal photo obsession has grown to include such shameful trends as "Selfies at Funerals" and "Selfies with Homeless People," and who could forget the much talked about selfie at Auschwitz?

One woman, determined to disrupt the pop culture trend for a day, decided to have a little fun with unsuspecting selfie-takers in Central Park. Decked out in a security uniform, comedian Jena Kingsley put up signs around the park that read “selfie-free zones.” They warned of a $50 fine for those who violated the "rule."

"What is going on with the selfie craze? People can't stop taking pictures of their own face! Someone needs to do something about it, and today that someone is going to be me!" Kingsley posted on her YouTube account.

In the video of her prank, Kingsley confronts people mid-picture (much to their chagrin) to enforce her made-up selfie ban. "We're just trying to keep like the vanity out of the park," Kingsley defends the law to one of her prank victims.