08/20/2014 01:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mom's Gorgeous Black And White Photos Capture The Innocence Of Childhood

Izabela Urbaniak

For kids all over the world, the warm summer months are the perfect time to play outside and explore what nature has to offer. One mother in Poland has captured the carefree spirit of season in a beautiful photo series called "Summertime."

Izabela Urbaniak is a photographer and mother of two boys who lives in Lodz, Poland. In a post on, she writes that her family likes to spend their summers in the countryside, in the village of Lugowiska.

Since 2012, the photographer has been capturing images of her children playing with their cousins and enjoying the natural world around them during holidays. "These pictures represent summer without computers and TVs –- only idyllic nature and playing children," she writes. Urbaniak adds that the series was inspired by her childhood summers at her grandmother's house in the countryside.

Urbaniak's stunning photographs make us wish the summer wasn't coming to a close.

Polish Mother's Photos Of Children In The Countryside

You can check out more of Izabela Ubaniak's work on her photography website and Facebook page.

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