08/21/2014 10:19 am ET Updated Aug 21, 2014

Discovering A New Talent At 50

diego_cervo via Getty Images

Meridith Baer is barefoot, her toes sparkling with garnet polish, when she opens the gate to her canyon home in Los Angeles. Wearing a crisp white shirt and navy track pants, she leads the way through a courtyard filled with potted plants and little cement pigs (said to bring good luck when you rub their backsides).

The setting exudes personality and gracious comfort, two subjects on which Baer, founder and president of a multimillion-dollar home-staging business, is an expert: Meridith Baer Home (MBH) furnishes and decorates high-end properties to make them irresistible to buyers. Baer supplies all the furnishings and rarely uses the homeowner’s belongings.

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