08/21/2014 12:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 'Parks And Rec' Season 6 Gag Reel Brings More Joy Than Infinite Waffles

There are few things that bring greater joy to the world than a "Parks and Rec" blooper reel.

Imagine a smiling and dancing Ron Swanson doing some of the coolest moves possible. Now imagine the "Parks and Rec" intro completely Li'l Sebastian-themed. Yes, these things are real and you can watch them right now.

Prepare yourself for 10 minutes of the "Parks and Rec" cast bestowing some of the best gags Pawnee has ever seen in the new Season 6 blooper reel. Some highlights include a commercial for Tom's Bistro (you can get pasta points!), Leslie and Ben role-playing as Cersei and Joffrey on the Iron Throne and, best of all, Jim O'Heir having a real-life Jerry/Larry/Garry/Terry moment.

Watch the gag reel above and try not to weep over the fact that there are only 13 episodes left of "Parks and Rec." Then relive that Ron dance again and again to cheer you up.

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