08/21/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Items You Definitely Don't Need To Bring To College

When you're headed off to college, your parents will try and convince you that you need things like a Brita filter, a laptop lock and flat sheet. And you know what we say to that? LOLS. What you really need is a lot of underwear and a Netflix account for all-day binge watching.

To help save you some time, money and energy, we've rounded up 13 items that you most certainly don't need in your dorm room. Leave these puppies at home, it will leave more room for your funnel.

1. A mousepad. Because let's be honest, you're going to end up doing this...

2. A wine opener. Hahaha, you can't afford wine in a bottle.

3. Your good jeans. You'll just spill on them.

4. A desk chair. You probably won't even unpack it.

5. Stilettos. Because you're going to spend your days like this...

6. A flat iron. Because you're going to spend your days like this...

7. A little black dress. Because you're going to spend your days like this...

8. Healthy snacks. You won't even open them.

9. A laptop case. The DIY version is so much better anyway.

10. A steamer. The steam from the shower works just fine.


11. A toaster oven. Just be resourceful and save some valuable space.

12. Any type of holiday decorations. Ain't nobody got time for that.

13. Laundry detergent. Meet your new detergent.



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