08/22/2014 08:08 pm ET Updated Aug 22, 2014

Comic Takes Your Awful First Date To Its Logically Terrifying Extreme

If you've ever had the extreme pleasure of going on a blind date in a big city, you'll likely identify with the protagonist of Laura Callaghan's darkly hilarious comic strip.

But hopefully not too much.

Contemplating deleting your Tinder profile yet?

"The comic came about after discussions with friends about online dating and the selective anonymity it affords people," Callaghan explained to The Huffington Post. "Some people put it all out there whilst others gain the trust of potential dates through nothing more than a profile picture. It took a dark turn, the result of watching the entire first season of 'Hannibal' in three days."

While we certainly don't condone chopping up your dud of a date and eating him for dinner, we sympathize with anyone who winds up on a date with a raw vegan social media guru.

h/t It'sNiceThat