08/22/2014 04:27 pm ET Updated Aug 22, 2014

These Parents Are Bringing Their Kids To Ferguson To Protest 'In The Service Of Justice'

Even in the wake of the chaos in Ferguson following Michael Brown’s tragic death, some parents are bringing their children to the fiery protests that most of us have only seen on our TV screens.

During a HuffPost Live interview on Thursday, the parents explained that contentious decision. For African-American mother Treasure Shields Redmond, the choice came down to an important issue at stake -- one’s right to safety as a black person.

“I didn’t feel as though I was putting my children in danger,” she told host Marc Lamont Hill. “We did daytime peaceful protests… I’ve kept it safe, but I have to say that being a black boy, and I’m raising a 13-year-old son, won’t ever really be safe. So at some point we’ve got to cut our losses. Are we going to be unsafe in the service of justice or are we going to be safely ensconced in our home away from the protests?”

Betsy Reznicek, who said she “certainly had concerns” before taking her kids to the protests, echoed Redmond’s sentiment.

“I wanted to have them see a community that was coming together and joining hands and it didn’t matter how old you were, what religion you were [or] what color you were,” she said. “People were gathering down at the site of where Michael Brown was murdered and they were singing his praises and trying to come together as a community and that far outweighed the worry that I had at the time.”

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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