08/22/2014 08:00 am ET

Now You Can Sleep In IKEA And Keep The Sheets

Newspix via Getty Images

Holy HEMNES, this is awesome.

IKEA, already every Chinese shopper's and American toddler's favorite napping destination, has announced it will be offering a one-night-only sleepover in its location near Sydney, Australia later this month.

The home goods giant has teamed up with Airbnb to list three "rooms" for three lucky groups to inhabit on Aug. 31 during the special event. Guests will spend the night in the store with a real-life Airbnb host, who will presumably pretend this place is her actual home.

According to the playful Airbnb listing, each accommodation offers "plenty of storage" with access to a kitchen, dining room and kids' hang-out area. There will reportedly be PlayStations and TVs, and guests will be "woken in the morning in a remarkable way." Then, they'll enjoy a free breakfast and get to keep the sheets they sleep on (an extra-soft SOMNIG set, anyone?).

To apply for the stay, IKEA groupies must inquire as if it's a typical Airbnb reservation -- in the "contact host" section, they're instructed to outline why their family would like a chance to sleep at IKEA in 25 words or less.

We can think of precisely two words: Swedish meatballs.



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