08/25/2014 08:00 am ET Updated Aug 26, 2014

The 10 Cheapest Countries For Air Travel, In Miles Per Dollar

xPACIFICA via Getty Images

It's kind of our life goal (and every traveler's life goal) to hack our way to the cheapest trip possible. We already know the cheapest day to book a ticket (hint: 54 is your lucky number), and we've got our bucket list of cheap destinations.

And now, we know where you're really going to get the most flight mileage for your buck.

Ticket website GoEuro recently released its Transportation Price Index, which compares the cost of travel in 51 countries on five continents. After weighing the cost of flights in each nation, the report concluded the 10 cheapest countries to fly in, based on how much it costs to travel 100km (or about 62 miles) by plane.

These are the countries where you'll travel the most miles for every dollar you spend, therefore getting the most bang for your hard-earned buck. Buckle your seat belts -- the cheapest countries to fly in are:

1. India ($10.36 to fly 100km)
2. Malaysia ($11.43 to fly 100km)
3. South Africa ($11.63 to fly 100km)
4. Australia ($12.20 to fly 100km)
5. Spain ($13.21 to fly 100km)
6. The United States ($13.89 to fly 100km)
7. Turkey ($15.95 to fly 100km)
8. Italy ($16.75 to fly 100km)
9. Russia ($16.86 to fly 100km)
10. Poland ($18.32 to fly 100km)



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