08/25/2014 09:29 am ET Updated Aug 25, 2014

Chuck Todd Talks About His Goals For 'Meet The Press'

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A new era for "Meet the Press" is almost here.

Todd was named the new moderator of the Sunday morning show earlier this month, and replaces David Gregory after months of flailing ratings. He will make his debut as host on Sunday, September 7.

Todd appeared on Monday's "Today," and talked to Tamron Hall about how he sees his new role. "I think the job for all of us, particularly in political reporting, is to demystify Washington for the American public, but then also try to translate the American public’s frustration for out of touch Washington people," he said.

The NBC News host added that the press' job is to be the "interpreter between America and Washington."

A new moderator may not be the only change in store for "Meet the Press." NBC News chief Deborah Turness recently talked about the troubles facing the show, which is now third behind ABC News' "This Week" and CBS News' "Face the Nation." She told the New York Times that she is more interested in having "a regular panel of journalists who will question guests," instead of one-on-one interviews.