08/25/2014 10:24 am ET Updated Sep 18, 2014

Cops Pull Mom, Terrified Kids From Car At Gunpoint (VIDEO)

A few weeks ago, Texas officers received a call that the driver of a beige or tan Toyota was waving a gun out his window on the highway.

Kametra Barbour drives a red Nissan Maxima. Yet video released late last week shows officers pulling Barbour and one of her young children from her car at gunpoint, WFAA reports.

Police told the station that they were taking necessary precautions when they pulled Barbour over in Forney, yelling at the occupants to "stick their hands out the window!" But Barbour's car wasn't "a beige- or tan-colored Toyota occupied by four black males" as the dispatcher described to officers; it was occupied by her small children, who can be heard screaming as their mother is put in handcuffs.

In the dash-cam video, Barbour's 6-year-old son, Ryan, exits her car and puts his hands up as he approaches officers. Barbour can be heard asking what's wrong and airing concern for her kids. Things quickly deescalate as one of the officers is told to put his gun down.

Officer 1: “Do they look young to you?"
Officer 2: “They do to me.”
Officer 1: “Huh?”
Officer 2: “They do to me.”
Officer 1: “Yep, they’re young.”
Officer 1: [To other officers] “Gun down, gun down, gun down.”
Officer 1: [As the child exits the vehicle] “Come on back here, son. Come on back here, you’re all right.”

Officers try to comfort the three screaming children in the car, telling them that "no one is going to jail." Forney Det. Michael Clay defended the stop, saying that proper protocol was followed.

"For the nature of the call that a weapon was involved, yes," he said.

Barbour is still angry.

"I need you to make sure you have all the facts because you can't just say, 'OK, I'm sorry and then I'm over it.' I can't," she told WFAA. "Every time I listen to and hear or think about it, it bothers you. I can't just say I'm fine, it's OK, it's not a big deal. It is."



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