08/25/2014 11:24 am ET Updated Aug 25, 2014

Of Course Rihanna And Eminem Did The Ice Bucket Challenge With An Audience

Eminem and Rihanna just took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and unlike most, they did it live on stage.

Eminem and Rihanna were finishing the last show of their Monster Tour in Detroit Saturday in front of a crowd of more than 40,000 people when hype man Denaun Porter reminded Em that Dr. Dre nominated him to take the ice bucket challenge.

Here's a way to end a concert:

Then Eminem nominated Porter, Rick Rubin and his costar to take the challenge.

"I'm from the islands, I don't do this ice shit," Rihanna protested. But she got doused with water anyway:

Eminem and Rihanna are just a few of the many celebs -- from Mitt Romney to Oprah -- who have had water dumped on their heads in the name of ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease, that has no cure. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis "attacks nerve cells and pathways in the brain and spinal cord. When these cells die, voluntary muscle control and movement dies with them," the ALS Association site explains. Fifteen people are diagnosed with ALS daily.

The ice bucket challenge has brought worldwide awareness to the disease. As of Monday, the ALS Association had received $79.7 million in less than a month, compared to $2.5 million over the same time period last year. You can support ALS research with the donate button below, and learn more about ALS at the ALS Association's website.

And here's the full video of Eminem and Rihanna taking the challenge.



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