08/25/2014 07:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Is What People's Faces Look Like Immediately After Getting Tased By Their Significant Other

Cue the Fifty Shades Of Grey references.

While photographer Patrick Hall is (probably) no Christian Grey, he did recently set up a photoshoot where he asked people to pose for him, semi-topless, while their friends and significant others tased them.

Hall admitted in a blog post that many people, hearing of the project, thought he might be crazy, or a sadist.

"What I found most interesting about the reactions people showed while getting [tased] was you never knew how they would react," Hall wrote. "Some people screamed while others were quiet. A few people looked like they were experiencing pleasure while others had the most painful faces I've ever seen."

As for the friends and S/Os doing the stun?

"Most of them were excited to cause pain to their friend and only showed remorse immediately after executing the shock," he wrote.

Yup, sounds like humanity.

Thankfully for everyone involved, the project turned out pretty incredible. This is what people look like in the immediate, split-second aftermath of being stunned.



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