08/25/2014 10:35 am ET Updated Aug 26, 2014

Everything Works Out After Twitter User's Michael Sam Bet Backfires

Joe Robbins via Getty Images

One man on Twitter bet everyone on Earth that St. Louis Rams rookie Michael Sam wouldn't sack Cleveland's Johnny Manziel, and then flash the former Heisman winner's signature celebration. Well, he lost that bet. But it all worked out.

Before the Rams took on the Browns in a preseason game on Saturday night, a Twitter user named FISHER KING promised to provide drinks for the entire world if Sam took down Manziel and then celebrated with the money sign:

In the fourth quarter, the first openly gay player ever to be picked in the NFL draft did just that. While FISHER KING was thrilled to see the highlight and the celebration, he knew he owed everyone on the planet drinks for the rest of his life:

Realizing that his promise was impossible to keep, FISHER KING had another idea:

Sam heard about the fan's lost bet and decided to help him out: