08/26/2014 11:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Navy Veteran Returns Fellow Serviceman's Dog Less Than A Month After Its Disappearance

The search for Rosko the dog is over and his caretaker can let out a sigh of relief -- all thanks to one compassionate Navy veteran.

When Rosko the Siberian husky slipped out of his gate and went missing earlier this month, Steve Rivera of Bakersfield, California, was "desperate" to find the pup, reported. Rivera, the father of Rosko's owner, Mark, was taking care of the dog while his son serves in Afghanistan. Almost three weeks after the pup disappeared, Adam Combs, a 10-year veteran in the Navy, found Rosko, and discovered over social media that Rivera had been looking for him.

He returned the dog to Rivera last week.

"It's just a miracle. I didn't think we were going to see him again. I really didn't," a relieved Rivera told the outlet.

Combs said that when he approached Rosko with a leash, he had a hunch that he shared a bond with the dog's owner.

"There was just something about the dog. Vets, military folks, there's a certain way we speak. That dog understood me," Combs said to

The veteran also told the outlet that the encounter was special to him.

"For me to be able to do that for another service member -- I'm glad to have this dog reunited," Combs said.

With his touching homecoming, Rosko joins the ranks of other lucky pups who were also fortunate enough to make their way back into their worried humans' arms.

Earlier this year, a black Labrador retriever named Buddy, was returned home seven years after being separated from his owners. The Lab went missing after the California wildfires of 2007, and was returned to his surprised owners with the help of San Diego's Department of Animal Services.

Wesley, another lucky Lab, was reunited with his family after having been missing for 17 months. The canine had disappeared days before Hurricane Sandy, and when the storm hit, his owners had feared the worst. Luckily, Wesley was returned, happy, healthy and about 20 pounds heavier, earlier this year.

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