08/27/2014 01:32 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2014

John Oliver's 'Ladybucks' Are The Perfect Solution To Unequal Pay

John Oliver has a brilliant way to solve the gender wage gap.

In a segment from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, posted online on Aug. 25, the comedian offers male bosses the perfect way to deal with pesky women who want to get paid the same at their male counterparts: "ladybucks."

They look like dollars, but are actually only worth 83 cents. They come in fancy colors, and feature "female presidents" like Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Just perfect for keeping women happy with their paltry paychecks!

Perhaps even the White House could use them, given that the median salaries for employees by gender show a 13 percent gap.

Watch the whole segment to see Oliver debunk common wage gap myths. We especially love his conclusion:

"Paying people less for the same work is clearly wrong. Even monkeys know that."



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