08/27/2014 08:41 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2014

Piers Morgan Is Really, Really Hated On Twitter

Bobby Bank via Getty Images

Everyone knows what it feels like to be criticized, but it turns out Piers Morgan knows the feeling a bit more than anyone else.

A new study for the Sunday Times looking at around two million tweets to well-known British celebrities, politicians and other public figures found that Morgan is the most trolled of all his male and female counterparts. More than 8 percent of the tweets sent to the former CNN host are abusive or offensive.

Proof of such Twitter hate against Morgan isn't hard to find. After news broke that his CNN show "Piers Morgan Live" was cancelled in February, the former host became the target of many jokes about his unemployment on social media.

But Morgan is no stranger to Twitter trolling himself. The former host has a long history of getting into feuds with countless celebrities and going on very charged rants...all in 140 characters or less.