08/28/2014 01:55 pm ET

Colbert Suggests Black People Just Be More Like Cliven Bundy: Armed (And White)

Returning on Wednesday after a two-week hiatus -- and two Emmy wins -- Stephen Colbert wasted no time diving into the ongoing story in Ferguson, Missouri.

After taking a look at Fox News' reporting on the death of Michael Brown and the unrest in Ferguson, Colbert then focused on the call for a national conversation about race. Lightly mocking the idea of a white television personality starting that conversation, he kicked things off with, "Well, if there has to be a frank and honest national discussion about race in America, I guess I'm already talking, I'll go first."

He then proceeded to offer the absurdist point of view that African Americans could learn something from "Cliven Bundy and his buddies." Asking, "Black people, why can't you be more like these guys? They were armed and they dared the cops to shoot them and nothing happened. Just figure out whatever was different about them and you'll be fine."

Colbert then brought the whole point home by noting that we'll have to wait until January 2015 for a black late night host to respond, when Larry Wilmore takes over his time slot with "The Minority Report."

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