08/28/2014 05:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama Held An Important Press Conference And All People Cared About Was His Tan Suit

President Barack Obama showed up at his press conference on Thursday to answer some important questions about ... oh my gosh, did you see what he's wearing? (It was actually a pretty important press conference on foreign policy, and you should read about it here and here.)

Obama made quite the bold sartorial choice on this late summer afternoon and donned a tan suit...


Perhaps it was the upcoming long weekend that inspired the president to choose a lighter, more breezy color? Or maybe it was his attempt to come across as just a regular gent, who likes to change up his suit colors every once in a while. Whichever the case, for a man who once told Vanity Fair that he wears "only gray or blue suits," the stark color change shocked the country...and by country, we mean Twitter. Instead of covering the content of what Obama was saying -- which again, was important -- many decided to become serious fashion critics for a hot second.

Congrats, America, your very important stances on Obama's suit made news. Dreams really do come true.



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