08/28/2014 10:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prince Harry Is Officially Off The Market, But Here Are 9 Ways To Win Him Back

Well that didn't take long.

Just a few months after splitting from Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry has found love again with rumored new girlfriend Camilla Thurlow. The Prince is apparently so smitten with Thurlow that he's whisked her away on a "romantic cruise" to St. Tropez, just before his birthday. Apparently, she also looks a lot like Kate Middleton, but you can decide for yourself by looking at a picture of her here.

And even though we're really, really happy for Harry, we're left wondering why WE weren't in the running for Royal Girlfriend. Just to see what we're up against should Harry ever be single again, here are all the requirements it must take to date a royal:

1. Be compassionate
prince harry rugby

Harry helps multiple oversee charities, so it's important for him to be with someone with a big heart.

2. Have a great sense of humor
prince harry

He once raced Ryan Lochte in a Vegas pool, so it's safe to say the Prince is a total goofball.

3. Have your own life
prince harry royal

Harry's new love interest works for The HALO Trust, an anti-mine nonprofit that Princess Diana used to worked with.

4. Have really great hair
prince harry cressida bonas

The prince previously only dated blondes, but with this brunette we've concluded "good hair" is his type.

5. Have the same name as your future step-mum
prince harry camilla

Or is two Camilla's one too many? We'll let the new girlfriend decide.

6. Have a strong sense of self
chelsy davy

Harry's girlfriends have always been very opinionated and headstrong.

7. Have a wild side
prince harry dancing

Pretty much everyone know's about Prince Harry's love of getting down and he needs a girlfriend who can keep up!

8. Save room for sports
prince harry polo

It's fair to say that the Prince is always up for a good game of polo, rugby or football.

9. Enjoy traveling
prince harry mountain

The Prince is known for galavanting all over the world, and he'll need a world-traveler by his side.

Because the truth is, we'd TOTALLY react like this if we got to date Prince Harry (or settle for just seeing him):

girl who photographed prince william



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