08/29/2014 05:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Hyperrealist Paintings Capture The Small Magical Moments Of Living In New York

New York is an towering city teeming with people, so depicting its small intimate, moments on canvas -- not to mention its moods, its complexity, or even its melancholy -- can be a difficult task.

However, artist Max Ferguson has answered that challenge in a group of remarkably lifelike paintings. In fact, they're so lifelike, it's hard to believe they aren't photos.

Check out the works below, in which Ferguson, a fourth generation New Yorker, explores his beloved hometown through meticulously rendered windows into the quiet moments of big city life.

ferguson snow

ferguson russ daughters

ferguson museum

ferguson violin

They're among work that will be displayed this fall in a traveling exhibit titled "Painting The Town: The Art of Max Ferguson."

The show will first grace New York City's Gallery at 445 Park September 2-11 before traveling to San Francisco and Beverly Hills.



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