08/29/2014 09:56 am ET

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Production Resumes Following Harrison Ford's Injury

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

"Star Wars: Episode VII" production has blasted off once again following the leg injury Harrison Ford sustained on the set in June, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

J.J. Abrams and company rearranged the shoot's schedule, stirring up some speculation that the project could face delays of up to six months due to Ford's absence. But the injury only resulted in a two-week hiatus, and now Ford -- and the rest of the cast and crew -- has resumed the shoot at London's Pinewood Studios.

Ford, 72, made a speedy recovery, appearing on the red carpet at the "Expendables 3" premiere earlier this month and participating in the ice bucket challenge.

Lucasfilm and parent company Disney confirm "Episode VII" will still hit its target release of Dec. 18, 2015. There's still no official word on whether the Millennium Falcon, which reportedly caused Ford's injury in June, is doing okay.



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