08/30/2014 11:20 am ET Updated Aug 30, 2014

And Now: Here's Every Kid In Every Wes Anderson Movie Ever

Wes Anderson movies are known for sharing retro-inspired color palettes, zany characters, dysfunctional families, a flair for the exotic and romantic plots involving a young boy chasing a quirky girl.

The stand-up troupe UCB Comedy's Characters Welcome team has broken down the romances from pretty much every Wes Anderson flick. Comedian Matthew Starr plays the video's eponymous "Kid in Every Wes Anderson Movie." His character's name is Thomas E. Fredericks (the E is for echinacea), and he's a 14-year-old doorman in search of his lady love -- with his acoustic guitar and captain's hat in tow.

"I'm seeking a lady love," Fredericks says to the camera while strumming an acoustic guitar.

"She's definitely a girl," he decides. "So she likes all of the things that girls like. Like cigarettes and binoculars. And she's definitely wearing a beret, and she has a wooden finger or a wooden toe or a glass eye. I'm not picky. And she definitely has a dead husband, who died exploring the Antarctic or some bullshit."

Eventually, he finds out his lady love is actually standing right next to him. Her name is Coriander, obviously, and she can only be contacted by carrier falcon.

Yep, that's an Anderson kind of girl.



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