08/30/2014 10:47 am ET Updated Aug 30, 2014

Latest 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Teaser Is Seriously Twisted

If you thought the "American Horror Story: Freak Show" teaser with the three-legged acrobat from earlier this week was crazy, this new one is even crazier.

The latest teaser for "AHS," revealed by Entertainment Weekly, shows a female contortionist lifting her feet backwards towards her head until -- wait, she has a third leg too! Apparently there are a lot of women with three legs in Ryan Murphy's carnival universe, but we're okay with that (this is a freak show, guys).

In case you missed the other creepy new teasers for the upcoming fourth season, there was also a man with a split tongue, an odd-looking hand and the very first look at the cast in costume.

After all these teasers, we have a feeling that Murphy and FX are planning to drop the first official trailer soon. Till then, keep enjoying the brief glimpses at the freak show that's to come.

[via EW]

"American Horror Story: Freak Show" premiere on Oct. 8 on FX.



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