09/02/2014 02:50 pm ET

Fox News Hosts Can't Believe Celebrities Would Take Naked Pictures

Several Fox News hosts seem to have a bigger problem with celebrities taking nude pictures of themselves than with hackers who steal the images and release them for everyone to see.

On Tuesday, the hosts responded to the major leak of naked celebrity photos over the weekend, when a user of the message board hacked into the iCloud accounts of stars Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, among others.

“Maybe the message is, don’t take naked pictures of yourself,” Steve Doocy, a "Fox & Friends" co-host, said Tuesday morning. “There’s this thing called a mirror. If you want to see yourself naked, look in the mirror, don’t take a picture of yourself."

Fox News' Martha MacCallum later echoed Doocy's comments, calling the celebrities "so dumb" for posting the pictures.

"Don’t put naked pictures of yourself on the Internet, people," she said. "You say don’t blame the victim, but legally, what kind of recourse do they have? You put it out there. Isn’t it kind of 'buyer beware,' so to speak?"

(h/t: BuzzFeed, Mediaite)