09/02/2014 10:50 am ET Updated Sep 02, 2014

How Hollywood Responded To The Celebrity Nude Photo Hack

George Pimentel via Getty Images

Over the weekend, hackers released a trove of nude photos of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and many others. The incident was dubbed "The Fappening" by Redditors (yes, a masturbation pun because the Internet is a perpetual 14-year-old boy) who struggled to quickly save the illegally obtained images, which were being deleted as quickly as they were posted on Sunday night.

Reps for both Lawrence and Upton quickly confirmed that the photos were real and slammed the hacking as a "flagrant violation of privacy," and an "outrageous violation of privacy," making it known that they intend to prosecute anyone who posts the stolen images.

Meanwhile, many other celebrities spoke out -- either to deny alleged nude photos as fake -- or to express their disappointment in how people don't seem to fundamentally grasp that these women had their personal property stolen from them, and that the argument "Don't take naked photos if you don't want them leaked," is not a valid one:



Celebrities With Leaked/Hacked Photos