09/02/2014 12:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dudes Watch Childbirth For The First Time And React Exactly How You'd Expect

Parents everywhere know -- childbirth is messy business. But for some men who aren't parents, this is apparently shocking news.

BuzzFeed Yellow sat a few guys down to watch a birth video and filmed their reactions to "the miracle of life." What followed was an entertaining series of grimaces, shocked expressions, and priceless quotes. While one guy insists, "It's not supposed to be that red!", another exclaims "I feel like I'm watching Alien!" Another spectator astutely observes, "It just shoots right out of there."

Ultimately, the men come out of the experience with uncertain conclusions. "My brain cannot pick an emotion," one notes, with another adding, "It was like mostly gross but also kind of beautiful. It was really nice."

Ohhhhh the miracle of life.

(hat tip: Tastefully Offensive)

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