09/03/2014 04:06 pm ET Updated Sep 03, 2014

She's Kim Kardashian West, And Don't You Forget It

"It's Kim Kardashian West." Emphasis on the West.

In case you didn't hear, the reality star took her husband Kanye West's surname around the beginning of August when she snapped a new passport photo and announced to the world, "#Mrs. West #NameChange."

British GQ editor Dylan Jones, apparently missed that Instagram post, and Kim needed to correct him when he presented her with the award for GQ's Woman of the Year:

"She is quite simply one of the most famous women in the world ... She's glamorous, omnipotent and beautiful. She's properly Cocoa Cola famous ... Who else could we give it to this year? Ladies and gentleman, please give a huge GQ round of applause for our Woman of the Year: Kim Kardashian."

Yes, even after a glowing introduction such as that, Kim found a way to be irritated because, "It's Kim Kardashian West," damn it.



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