09/03/2014 07:15 pm ET Updated Sep 03, 2014

This 3-Year-Old Golfer With 1 Arm Has An Incredible Swing

At just 3 years old, Tommy Morrissey can swing a golf club better than most people.

What's more, Tommy, who hails from Linwood, New Jersey, was born with just one arm, but you'd never notice that from his impressive swing.

His parents, both avid golfers themselves, told Golf Digest that Tommy's fascination with the sport started very early on. He started watching golf on TV at just 13 months old, and then at 18 months old, he began mimicking the players he observed, according to the news outlet.

“My husband plays golf and I play golf,” his mother, Marcia, told the outlet. “Thomas became obsessed with it. He started watching YouTube instruction all on his own, mostly Bubba Watson, really. So we began nurturing his obsession. It’s unreal.”

Fox News notes Tommy can hit the ball over 100 yards, an incredible feat on its own for someone his age. The fact he is able to do it one-handed, though, has inspired many.

"They look at him and see how small he is and they say, ‘Awesome, the little guy can hit a golf ball," Tommy's father, Joe, tells Philadelphia news outlet Fox 29 in the video above. "And then they look and they see that he's doing it with one hand and they say, 'That's incredible.' And then after they watch him, after they learn, he's just a little boy, just killing it, they walk away and say, 'he's an inspiration.'"

Tommy, however, may still need to learn a few things.

He does like to hit the ball in the water, but that’s ‘cause he’s 3,” his father, Joe, told NBC Philadelphia. “He doesn’t understand that’s bad yet.”