09/04/2014 03:52 pm ET

Of Course Jack White's Latest Performance Was In a Moody French Castle

There might not be a more fitting backdrop for Jack White's electrifying blues rock than an ornate French castle.

White, a Nashville-based musician hailing from Detroit who also runs a record label, performed a recent song and an old favorite for La Blogothèque's "The Take Away" show at the Château de Fontainebleau near Paris. The historic castle -- and we mean really historic, as the site dates back eight centuries -- seems like a perfect fit for White, who has always paid close attention to style, from record design to the outfits of his employees.

In the La Blogothèque video, above, the musician goes back to his early days to play the White Stripes' "The Same Boy You've Always Known," which echoes under the soaring ceilings. Next, he performs an acoustic version of "Entitlement" off latest album "Lazaretto," while sitting on the roof and looking out over the estate's sprawling manicured gardens.

Here's how La Blogothèque described the filming:

The bells began to ring as we were leaving, pulsating through our every fibre and signalling the end to a day we still weren’t entirely sure happened. With their vibrations still lingering through our bones, we gave a collective last look over what had, only moments prior, been the scene of the most surreal Take Away Show we’ve ever done.

Sounds about right.



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