09/04/2014 08:01 am ET Updated Sep 04, 2014

Single Mom Brought To Tears When Given Thousands To Start Her Own Cleaning Business

When Give Back Films partnered with gluten-free brand Udi's to ask its social communities "How Would You Give Back?" they got a slew of answers.

But one particular response caught their eye.

"Erin K" asked to give to Upstream Impact, an organization that helps families in northeast Denver escape poverty to pursue their dreams. In her submitted response, obtained by The Huffington Post, she wrote, "If I could give back to this program and the families involved, it would include a way for the families being served to give back to those who have been mentoring and supporting them in this process."

Give Back Films and Udi's then worked to find a deserving member of Upstream Impact. They chose Kia Dismel, a single mother of four, who had battled depression but hoped to one day open her own cleaning business.

"I love helping people," Dismel says in the video above. "I feel good when I clean. I feel happy. Give me some Pine Sol, a rag and some music, and I'm in my own world. Cleaning helps with my depression."

Dismel's reaction when she is surprised with thousands of dollars worth of cleaning supplies -- and even a few costumers to get her cleaning business started -- is absolutely priceless.

Dismel has since graduated Upstream Impact’s program and is now on staff as the college scholarship director for the group. In an email, Give Back Films told HuffPost Dismel's cleaning business is also taking off.

Good news all around.

CLARIFICATION: While Kia Dismel discusses being unemployed in the video, she was no longer unemployed at the time she was selected by Give Back Films and Udi's.



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