09/05/2014 11:10 am ET Updated Sep 08, 2014

What Dudes Think Girls Do vs. What We Actually Do

While Carrie and Samantha's friendship from "Sex and the City" was an amazing one, most female friendships come with fewer frills. So fewer cosmos and more tequila shots, please.

Buzzfeed Violet's new video "What Guys Think Girls Do vs. What They Actually Do" is a comedic reminder that women's friendships are not (all) made up of pillow fights, intense discussions about potential crushes and trading makeup tutorials.

Instead of a pink spandex-outfitted Jane Fonda fitness session, working out looks more like a sweaty torture session where you will find no one smiling. Girl talk isn't always about a love interest and sometimes (re: many times) revolves around digestive issues. And for the last time: Women aren't psychos on their periods, we just need some Advil.

Some assumptions do hold true. Men who envision women driving with friends singing their favorite songs in delight with the radio blaring can rest assured that this is exactly how it goes.

So, can we get those tequila shots now?