09/07/2014 12:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 New Uses For Your Useless Diploma

As students settle back into the school year with dreams of someday receiving that fancy piece of paper called a diploma, it's tough to admit that, in adult life, no one will ever ask to see it.

Education and degree aside, your physical diploma is basically forgotten as soon you enter the workforce. Sure, it proves that you completed school (and you can frame it for your mother in lieu of a birthday present), but what do you really DO with it?

With that in mind, allow us to present nine ways to get more use out of your high school or college diploma. You're welcome.

1. Turn it into an iPad cover.

2. Or even a mouse pad.

3. No birdhouse roof? No problem.

4. If you need a new kitty litter scooper, look no further.

5. Even your turtle can get some use out of your degree.

6. Let the bartender know you're coming back with this nifty drink cover.

7. Or make dinner with your brand new cutting board.

8. Why waste money on a new dustpan when you can do this?

9. And finally, if you insist on hanging it on your wall like everyone else does, at least put it to good use.

Animations by Eva Hill



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