09/08/2014 10:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Deepak Chopra Counsels A Grieving Mother Who Lost Her 11-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

Valerie is a 43-year-old mother of three who is grieving the unexpected loss of her eldest daughter. After being diagnosed with epilepsy at age 9, she tragically died two years later. "June 19 of this past summer, my husband went to wake her for school, and she was gone," Valerie says in the above video.

Valerie has come seeking advice from spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra on the new OWN series "Help Desk," which connects celebrated leaders and spiritual advisers with real people looking for guidance.

"My husband dreams about her all the time, and all of my friends connected with her, they feel her and they see her, and I haven't yet," Valerie says. "And I don't know what I'm doing wrong, and I want to connect with her through mediation, something."

"Don't think you're doing anything wrong," Chopra tells her, reminding her that we all grieve in our own way.

Chopra says there is something Valerie can do to help her connect with her daughter.
"Close your eyes," he instructs. "Remember all the good times that you had with her. All the happy moments. Allow images and feelings and thoughts to come to you, and the emotions, including this emotion of sadness. "

Chopra tells Valerie to do this every day, remembering everything she can and bringing her daughter into her heart.

"Because she's there, she's there in your consciousness," he says. "Remind her how much you care, how much you loved. And you will have to go through this grief, of course. You have to feel the emotions. The only way through his grief is through it. And at some point, a time will come that you will feel peace. And you will know that she is on her onward journey. And at that time you will feel a release and you will begin to smile again."

"The more you nurture your memories of her, the more she'll be in your awareness forever," Chopra says.

"Help Desk" airs Sundays at noon ET on OWN.

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