09/08/2014 03:19 pm ET Updated Sep 08, 2014

Why Jennifer Garner Was Upset After Ben Affleck's Ice Bucket Challenge

C Flanigan via Getty Images

Remember Ben Affleck's adorable Ice Bucket Challenge video, in which he surprises wife Jennifer Garner by pulling her into a nearby pool? Well it turns out the actress was not particularly pleased with the unexpected turn of events.

"If you drop your phone, or if your husband tosses you in the pool on the ALS Challenge, and you weren't expecting it, and your phone was in your back pocket and it got killed … you have to go a day without your phone," Garner told to Access Hollywood in an interview at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

"At first, it was, 'Ben, you could have told me, so I could have taken it out of my pocket,'" she continued. "But it was so liberating not to have it and not to check it, and just be like, 'Well, people will have to call me [at home] if they need me!'"

Garner was at the TIFF to promote her new film "Men, Women & Children," which also stars Adam Sandler and Rosemarie DeWitt. Directed by Jason Reitman, it explores how social media, love and sex intersect in the contemporary age. But Garner says the film's social media specifics don't overlap too much with her actual experience.

"Rosemarie and I don’t even use this stuff at all,” she said, before adding as an aside to Sandler: “We sound like we’re 80.”

If you'd like to donate and help spread awareness about ALS, head over to www.alsa.org.



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