09/09/2014 12:57 pm ET Updated Sep 09, 2014

Esurance Takes Down Billboards With Seemingly Smutty Typo

Give those letters some space, Esurance.

An Esurance billboard in Chicago got the wrong kind of attention earlier this month because the "click" in its "cover your home in a click" slogan looked like it said, well, something smutty.

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Then a mischief-maker on the Internet got involved, Photoshopping the sign to make it appear as if there were no question that the word was d-i-c-k. Instagram user Thorne Brandt admitted to RedEye that he had doctored the photo as a joke.

But Twitter user Sharlene King took it as real, RedEye noted in a story also published in the Chicago Tribune, and playfully called out Esurance for its "kerning" issues.

Esurance responded to her concerns:

An Esurance spokesman told The Huffington Post that the insurance company was actually responding to the issue of the "click" appearance on the real billboards from a certain distance.

"We removed the billboard over a month ago, long before the Photoshopped image surfaced," the spokesman said.

Still, the signs supplied plenty of comic grist.

The moral is, there's a thin line between click and you-know-what.

h/t AdWeek