09/09/2014 06:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Guinness World Records' Weirdest Records Of 2015

Some people get into the record books by a nose, but Nick Stoeberl got into Guinness World Records by a tongue.

Stoeberl, 22, an artist and comedian from Monterey, California, has been trying to get official recognition for his massive tongue for two years.

Guinness World Records finally measured him earlier this year and declared Stoeberl's titanic tongue measured 3.97 inches from tip to closed lip. That means he's licked previous record holder, Stephen Taylor, a 52-year-old British man whose licker measures a whopping 3.86 inches.

Stoeberl picked the right time to get the record. Guinness World Records 2015 Edition -- its 60th collection -- is hitting stores today.

Editor Craig Glenday admits he felt extra pressure to make sure all the world records featured in the big 6-0 edition were truly Guinness-worthy. He thinks he succeeded.

“This is an important landmark edition for Guinness World Records, giving us the opportunity to look back at how records have changed over these six extraordinary decades," he said in a press release. "Of course, we’ve still had to process around 50,000 claims in this past year alone, giving us plenty of new and updated records to choose from… and making it a really difficult task to decide what makes the final cut.”

Some of the weirder world records that made the cut include:

Guinness World Records 2015

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