09/10/2014 09:37 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2014

Yes, Someone Drew This Dress With A 3D Printing Pen

When we were younger, the ability to draw a piece of clothing into existence was pure fiction. Harold and his purple crayon could do it, but we definitely could not.

Well, now there's a device that will make your childhood fantasies come true.

Hong Kong-based fashion studio SHIGO recently used the 3Doodler, an impressive piece of technology previously covered on HuffPost, to draw a dress into being.

Yes, the 3D printing pen brought designer's handmade images to life, stitch by stitch, or -- more accurately -- line by line.

To make the piece of clothing, SHIGO designers first printed the dress outline on cloth, then draped the design on a mannequin before tracing the pattern until it came together in its true, doodled, plastic form. You can watch some of the process above (with some strangely dramatic music to boot).


"This is the first collaboration project for SHIGO, it lasted three months from design preparation, pattern create, produce base for 3Doodler, try and get familiar in how to use the 3doodler, add 3D effect on the dress etc. We want to share the result to people or even provide it as an source of inspiration."



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