09/10/2014 07:55 pm ET

Mitt Romney Takes Another Shot At Obama's Foreign Policy Strategy

Mitt Romney once again hit President Barack Obama's foreign policy record in a Wednesday interview.

Speaking just hours before the president was expected to address the nation regarding his strategy to counter Islamic State militants, Romney said Obama can talk the talk, but "doesn't follow through."

"People have come to see in the president someone who speaks eloquently and often times definitively, but doesn't follow through," Romney said. "So there will be a great deal of discounting behind his words but then people are going to look for action."

Romney added that if Obama does follow through on his words this time, "we'll be able to ultimately defeat ISIS."

The 2012 presidential candidate posited that Obama's policies "have put us in a place of danger unlike anything we knew."

"It's almost hard to imagine how the president's foreign policy could have been worse as it relates to keeping America safe from jihadists having territories and funds from which they can attack America," Romney said.

Earlier this week, Romney hit Obama's foreign policy approach, saying the president is "out of touch with reality."

“He’s too busy on the golf course. I don’t know if you can see the reality from the fairway, but he doesn’t see reality," Romney said during a Sunday Fox News appearance.

Obama is set to outline his plans to expand military and political efforts in the Middle East during his prime time address. The Office of the Press Secretary released excerpts from the president's address ahead of the speech, in which Obama will detail the nation's counter-terrorism strategy.

"Our objective is clear: we will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy," the president is expected to say.

Watch the president's address at 9 p.m. EDT on Wednesday here.



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