09/11/2014 12:43 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2014

The One Person Who Rachel Zoe Really Wants To Wear Her Clothes

Most fashion week events involve a circus of photographers, security, limited seating and a packed venue. But leave it to Rachel Zoe to take a different approach to her 2015 Spring/Summer presentation. Zoe's latest collection was shown in the penthouse of the Soho Grand hotel, with cocktails, food and one of the prettiest views of New York City.

We got to chat with the stylist-cum-designer at her presentation about what inspires her, who she would most like to see in her clothes and whether she prefers New Balances or Birkenstocks. Here's what we learned:

HuffPost Style: What was the inspiration behind the collection?

Rachel Zoe: You know what, it's that jet-set girl. It's that girl on the go. She dreams of gallivanting all over Europe and abroad and even if she's not, that's where she is in her mind. And you know, she's a city girl, but she's going to the south of France and Marrakesh. You know it's always that '60s, '70s glamour influence but modern and a little bit tough -- very luxe bohemia kind of thing.

HP: Why did you decide to do a presentation this season instead of a traditional runway show?

RZ: I took off last season because I had my second son and then just coming back in, with all the changes with location -- downtown and uptown and Lincoln Center -- I just said, you know what, I kind of want to go back and talk to people and be more intimate and be more interactive with people and the clothes and see how I like it this way. Any maybe I'll go back, I don't know. I always like people to come, have a drink, have something to eat, talk about clothes, look at the girls, that kind of thing.

HP: Who would you love to see wearing your clothes?

RZ: Kate Middleton. I want Kate Middleton to wear my clothes. I made this for her [gestures to her low-cut jumpsuit and laughs]. No, I'm kidding.

HP: You live in Los Angeles but show your collection in New York. In your opinion, how is the style different in each city?

RZ: They're so different and I'm this very weird hybrid of both places. I am because yesterday I was wearing this Moroccan caftan and today I'm in a tux jumpsuit. I think as a designer, that's how I think. I think of women who live all over the world and how they live their lives and I think LA is a much more casual city, much more relaxed and New York, you know, it's got more of an edge, it's more tailored and polished, and you know heavier, for lack of a better term. Heavier meaning you're wearing jackets all the time, all year -- although I try to do that in LA, even when it's really hot, because I love coats.

HP: Okay, I'm going to ask you a few rapid fire questions.

RZ: Oh god.

HP: New Balances or Birkenstocks?

RZ: Birkenstocks.

HP: Crop-tops or off-the-shoulder tops?

RZ: Off-the-shoulder.

HP: Online shopping or going to a store?

RZ: Shopping in store when I have time, online most of the time.

HP: Normcore or couture?

RZ: Both -- couture.

HP: New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week?

RZ: Not a fair question.

Check out the entire collection below:

Rachel Zoe Spring 2015